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Quincy #31

Station 31 is our main station, as well as the City of Quincy station. This is the station most of our volunteers are reporting to when an incident occurs. The station is located at 1201 Central Ave. S., Quincy, WA 98848.

Winchester #32

Station 32 is located in the small community of Winchester. The station is about 7 miles from the town of Quincy and about 12 miles from the town of Ephrata (to the East). The surrounding area is mostly farming, with the exception of Columbia Foods Inc. and Stetner Seed, both lying less then a 1/2 mile to the West on Hwy 28.

Block 71 – #33

Station 33 is located on the corner of Roads 7 NW and G NW. The station sits on the NE corner of that intersection. It is surrounded by mile upon mile of farmland and sporadic houses.

Low Gap #34

Station 34 is located on the corner of Adams Road and Frenchman Hills Road SW. The station sits on the NW side about 20 feet to the west of the intersection. It is located within the farmland and orchards of the area.

George #35

Station 35 is located within the town of George. It is right across the street for the George City Hall/Grant County Sheriff satellite office. This station is within 5 minutes of I-90 running thru the center of the state. This station should be the first responding units to any vehicle accidents happening along this major Interstate Route.

Sunland #36

Station 36 is located in the community of Sunland Estates. This community is a tight knit small development, that is accessible by a very steep 2-lane road that wraps back and forth up the basalt cliffs that tower above the Columbia River.

Crescent Bar #37

Station 37 is located on the very Westerly end of District #3. It, along with Station 36, is located right on the Columbia River.

Crescent Bar is a growing community with 2 9-hole Golf Courses, 3 restaurants, and 5 different condo/housing developments, with more planned in the very near future. This area is a big summer-time destination for many water activities and weekend adventures.

The Trinidad Battalion houses 1 Engine and 1 “quick attack” vehicle. There are also 2 living quarters within this station for increased response times. Station 37 also has a Sat. station at Trinidad. It houses one water tender.

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