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Station 37 Tenant Improvements Bidding






NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sealed bid proposals will be received by Grant County Fire District #3 for the work associated with Fire Station #37. 


AGENCY: Grant County Fire District #3 

PROJECT TITLE: Fire Station 37 Tenant Improvements 

PROJECT LOCATION: 23890 NW Road 9.8, Trinidad (Quincy) WA  

BID OPENING: Bid Packet must be received no later than 2:00 PM on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.  


Bids received after 2:00 PM on October 10, 2023 will not be considered.  It is the sole responsibility of the Bidders to deliver their bid to the designated place at the designated time and on forms provided in the Project Manual.  Oral, telephonic, fax or emailed bids are invalid and will not receive consideration. 


Bid Packets will be immediately thereafter publicly opened at Grant County Fire District #3, 1201 Central Ave. S, Quincy, WA 98848; phone: (509) 787-2713 


BID DOCUMENTS: Electronic Bid Documents are available through Complete Design, Inc.  Contact Owner’s Representative – Complete Design, Inc.  

POINT OF CONTACT: Shawn Johnson-Mudgett; (509) 662-3699 

DATED: September 19, 2023 

PROJECT SUMMARY: Project consists of Interior Tenant Improvements to the existing Fire Station 37 Core & Shell (Pre-engineered Steel Building) and other Work indicated in the Contract Documents.  Includes the build-out of 1,561 SF on the first floor to provide living accommodation improvements including those spaces and systems necessary to meet the residency requirements for four (4) fire personnel; EMS Storage, a Decontamination Room, and 1,561 SF mezzanine.  The work includes the addition of a backup diesel generator, fire suppression system (Design-Bid), a septic system, modifications to the existing electrical system and addition of plumbing and HVAC.   


Grant County Fire District #3 reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to waive informalities.  


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