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Nov-Dec Newsletter

Be Nice

Is the Fire Service customer based? Yes, it is! I think we can all agree that our priority is to provide the best service to our customers. Who are our customers? It can be the person whose house is on fire. The person that calls the station with a question or request. The driver trapped in a car needing extrication or the EMS call at a familiar address. Sometimes we lose track of why we are here and the service we are expected to provide. The goal is to regard everyone as a customer in the Fire Service. In the words of Chief Alan Brunacini, always be nice and treat everyone with respect, kindness, patience, and consideration. An added bit of compassion will go far in a customer-based relationship. Always consider how you and what you are doing looks to others. Building a good relationship is hard, destroying it is easy. Always regard everyone as a customer. Our customers will not remember the technical aspects of what we do for them but will remember exactly how they were treated. Our customers deserve the best attitude from us. – Prevent Harm, Survive, BE NICE- Chief Alan Brunacini

– Chief Leibelt


As the winter season is quickly coming upon us, so are the frosted windshields. As you prepare to respond to incidents, please be aware of weather conditions. Take the time to de-ice your windows before you head to the station.


With the time change also comes the time of year we change out our 9-volt smoke detector batteries. As firefighters, this probably isn’t new news to us, but it is time to get the word out to our family, friends, and customers. Many newer detectors have 10-year lithium batteries, which makes it convenient since it doesn’t require biannual battery replacement. What happens is people don’t realize how fast 10 years goes by, and that those detectors need replacing. There is a common misconception that hardwired detectors last forever. New construction mandates require hard wired detectors to have a battery backup. Keep an eye out for older, yellowed, or missing detectors that need replacing. When you’re on a call and hear a chirping, low battery sound from a detector, offer to replace their battery. The duty rig has 9-volt batteries specifically for that purpose. If their smoke detectors need replacing, take a moment to educate them on their options. Prevention is key to keeping our customers safe during a fire emergency. That battery you replace may very well be the difference in the outcome of a future emergency. Be Safe!

– Lt. Talley


Cut off for points is October 31st, so be sure to have all your training and incident reports into the District Office to get credit. Reimbursement checks will be available for pick up at the end of November.

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